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The Best Storage Space Cleaner (Mac)

As technology progresses files on our computers become larger and larger.  We take more pictures with our smartphones than we ever have before.  The wonder of having larger files generally means we are seeing, reading, and creating documents in the highest quality available to us.  Another wonder of progressing times is new advances in how […]

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Back to Schools Discounts Have Been Announced

Apple Initiates Back To School Discounts Once again, Apple is offering special discounts and gift cards to students heading to school or back to school.  As reported on Monday, Apple is including gift cards redeemable through the App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks Store with eligible device purchases. Eligible devices include iMac, […]

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MacPro Services Gift Certificate

Buy the Right Apple Product for Christmas

Have you ever bought an amazing piece of technology only to find out 3 months later that there is a newer, brighter and better version out? While technology will always age, there are “ripe” times to buy – when models have recently been updated. Likewise, there are bad times to purchase technology – when models […]

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OSX Mavericks Has Messed Up My Mail!

Often, a software’s first release is riddled with bugs. While not “riddled,” OSX Mavericks does have its shortcomings. The new OS adds a host of new features, all for the very economical price of $0.00. Unfortunately, we are hearing some great reviews from our clients while others are experiencing applications working differently than expected or […]

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Introducing iOS7

New iOS7 Design With Apple’s latest update, iOS7, the iPhone and iPad have a completely redesigned look and feel. It is much brighter and (reportedly) there is less clutter. However, speaking from personal experience, I don’t see much in the way of “less clutter.” The icons are redesigned and there is a simplified color scheme, […]

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